Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)

Transforming user experiences

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)

Transforming user experiences

What we did

By developing future-state customer journeys and strategic roadmaps we transformed SSEN’s customer service approach.


We were asked by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to assist with their customer journey programme, which had two goals:

  • to identify opportunities to drastically improve customer journeys across key services
  • to help SSEN develop a dedicated service design team, to lead on solutions and ongoing improvements.


Working with the client we designed a holistic approach to understand the business and its customers.

We analysed customer journeys across the different SSEN services, including ‘General Enquiries’ and ‘Complaints’, developing customer personas and journey maps.

Problems that we encountered were re-framed into opportunity statements, providing positive steps to improve the service.

We also developed a playbook, which is being used to continue the transformation process by the client’s first-ever service design team.


We used the insights from their approach to create dynamic outputs, which could be adjusted and tracked by SSEN’s service design team.

The team delivered these outputs over the course of 5 sprints, generating 433 ideas, 24,000 data points, 13 personas and 17 journey maps from over 100 participants.

We developed future-state customer journeys and a strategic customer experience transformation roadmap, for implementing changes to the service over the next 7 years and envisaging what the service could look like.