Welcome to ExperienceLab Studios

Conduct your next user research session in a contemporary space with the latest technology – our central London labs are available for hire

Our new purpose-built, state of the art research studios are now available for hire.

Situated in the heart of the digital and creative quarter of London Bridge, three fully equipped labs will offer dedicated separate viewing facilities, flexible, modular interior design and a dedicated concierge service.

The Labs:

  • The Insight Lab: a flexible lounge-style space ideal for co-creation or larger focus groups (12 participants)
  • The Collaboration Lab: a medium sized lab ideal for research interviews and small group sessions (8 participants)
  • The Engagement Lab: perfect for one-to-one sessions and usability testing (2 participants)


In all our labs, you and your participants will enjoy:

  • Leading-edge video and sound recording capabilities
  • Full control over your recording session, via a bespoke iPad-based system
  • Comfortable, contemporary surroundings

Please scroll down this page for a more detailed list of our Studio Technical Specifications.

Contact Us

For costs and availability, call our Studio Manager Leah on 020 3910 7710 or email us.

Studio Technical Specifications

ExperienceLab has invested in a custom-built, professional-grade studio solution, designed and installed by an industry recognised organisation (Crossover AV Ltd). Our solution is based on Extron AV equipment paired with full HD video/audio capture hardware.

Key solution features are listed below:

Desktop PC’s running either Windows or Mac OS

  • Laptop connectivity to allow clients to ‘plug in’ their own machines.  This supports the capture of the client laptop screen plus the ability to capture the participant ‘face on’ (or other studio camera angle).  The client laptop feed then becomes a source feed to the system so can be recorded and streamed in the same fashion as the labs own desktop PC.
  • Support for the testing both mobile and tablet hardware and we can supply Android and iOS handsets.  We recommend (and supply) the use of a visualizer for testing mobile devices but can also support direct screen capture (mirroring) as well as other third-party capture solutions (e.g. Mr Tappy).
  • Our Polycom audio solution comprises of ceiling mounted microphones paired with a powerful central processing unit allowing the pickup to localise the direction of the person speaking, regardless of where they are in the room.
  • Our video solution uses small, professional-grade, full High Definition cameras to capture ‘face-on’ pictures in each of the testing rooms.  In addition, our Insight Lab is equipped with Sony PTZ cameras offering exceptional zoon and HD capture.  They can, therefore, be used as a means to capture mobile device testing if required.

Session Recordings

  • Our recording system is an ‘in-situ’ solution requiring no internet connectivity/cloud sharing.  Sessions can be made available to the client via multiple methods depending on client requirements.  This ranges from encrypted USB device to secure file share solutions.

Recording / screen-sharing and streaming

  • Our custom-built technology has been designed specifically for the HD capture of screens (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) and participant’s faces –it allows for multiple capture configurations in terms of both source feeds but also capture format (picture in picture, side by side, single view etc.)
  • Live streaming capabilities:  Our preferred method of live streaming is Go-To-Meetings for sharing the sessions in real time to viewers from around the world. In addition, we are able to support client specific streaming solutions if required.
  • Custom ExperienceLab iPad control system:  Allowing the client to configure video feed and audio levels in real time from the observation rooms.
  • Ability to show/highlight where the participant clicks on the computer or mobile/tablet device screen in the recording and live stream.  We have the ability to create specific clip footage/montages based on client request using the Adobe suite of editing tools. 

Internet Service Provider

  • We have a dedicated 300Mb/s (synchronous) fibre installation with local QOS (Quality of Service) ensuring dedicated bandwidth for the studio streaming/internet traffic.
  • Our backup internet solution is based on the 4G cellular network (EE), with a dedicated router serving only the studio connectivity needs in the event of a service outage of our main internet connection.
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