What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 5th September

What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 5th September

Welcome to our news roundup which highlights a selection of the best current articles in user and customer experience.

Experience Rot: Killing your Design with Features – UIE

The allure of more features is more functions, and therefore more fun for users. But over-saturating your design with features is an easy mistake to make that will hurt your user experience.  Jared Spool calls it ‘experience rot’, in the name of giving your device a competitive edge you inadvertently do the opposite.

How to Design a Mobile App for User Goals (by Example of Airbnb) – Icons8 via Medium

The Airbnb app works well, but could it be better? In this article Ivan Braun plans how to hypothetically redesign the Airbnb app home screen for user goals. A thought-provoking read that delves into detail, it’s likely to help you raise questions about the design of your latest project.

What Are the Two Qualities of Brilliant UX? – Tech in Asia

It’s always worth asking yourself ‘what makes a brilliant user experience?’ This article does exactly that, bringing two qualities of brilliant UX to the forefront. An important takeaway: remember to delight your users.

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