What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 9th January

What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 9th January

Welcome to our news roundup, here you will find a selection of articles that have piqued our interest recently. They often focus on topics such as user experience, customer experience, user interfaces, design and more.

Four Articles for a New Year – Jared M. Spool / UIE

UIE is a popular source here at ExperienceLab and their latest blog, which revisits four of their top articles from 2018, didn’t fail to peak our interest. We share their mindset that the start of a new year provides an opportune moment to reflect on the one before.

Their look back brings into view: What UX professionals can do about Net Promoter Score (and why it is considered harmful); How to show the value of UX and the ROI for UX design; Why proactive UX design is a big leap requiring baby steps; Users don’t hate change – they hate our design choices.

Top 5 Curated Articles of 2018 from Microsoft Design – Grace Queen / Microsoft Design

Microsoft Design have also made a visit to the past by listing a collection of their most read articles from 2018. Their anthology will take you on a journey through Cortana’s personality, have you consider better user research practises, kill your personas, build a better UX writing portfolio and design a great fake Acrylic Material effect.

Ask a UXpert: How Micro-Interactions Can Enhance the User Experience – Oliver Lindberg / Adobe Blog

This article from Adobe highlights how the micro is meaningful. In this case, micro-interactions. Those ‘little design features that can make a big difference to the user experience’. We included this article from Adobe because, as the body copy recognises, ‘when we think of motion design, the first things to come to mind might be sweeping, choreographed page transitions or elaborate data visualizations’ but it is often the smaller details that seal the deal.

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