We deliver sustainable improvements through innovative user-centred design

“The brilliance of the programme is based on the quality of ExperienceLab's underlying research...”

Associate Professor of Operations ManagementUniversity of Oxford

We are a customer experience and service design agency dedicated to working with users to design and deliver services that improve experiences, efficiency and outcomes

“Experience Lab User Research team conducted an important piece of discovery research which involved understanding of our target audiences’ needs, behaviours, triggers, etc…….Our experience working with EL was a breeze, they were collaborative and responsive, our regular catch up call was efficient and effective, allowed our stakeholders to provide timely feedback, support and decision making required to meet the tight schedule. I will not hesitate to work with EL again in the future.”

- Global Composite Insurer
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Our highly skilled team of researchers and designers are committed to delivering great outcomes through working with service users.

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