How your visit to our Studios will be safe, secure, and socially distanced

ExperienceLab Studios have now reopened – below, find all the details on how we’ve adjusted our processes to keep your team and your participants safe throughout your visit.

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Your custom plan for a socially distanced visit

Our socially distanced research process will be customised for each client on a case by case basis, as part of a detailed planning approach.

Please note:

  • Hand sanitiser and surface cleaning materials are made available at multiple points in the labs, reception and waiting areas.
  • Arrival times and the structure of the day will be staggered to ensure safe social distancing throughout your visit.

Below, please find the basic steps the process for each client will be based on.:

  1. Client arrives first before any participants to setup as required. Client is greeted by ExperienceLab.
  2. EL greet participants who arrive/are admitted at the agreed time. Upon entering ExperienceLab they are shown to participant waiting area and the client is updated by email of their arrival.
  3. Client invites participant into the relevant lab and undertakes the research, observing social distancing and protected by screens (where applicable) as in point (4) on the image below.
  4. EL cleans participant area.
  5. Post research, client shows participant out.
  6. Structure of signage will help to ensure, where possible, the use of one-way flow. Although this will not be entirely possible due to layout, signage and instructions will ensure that there is limited opportunity for close contact.
  7. Client cleans participant research area and invites in next participant from waiting area.

How our service has been adjusted - from bookings to your on-the-day experience

Below – a comprehensive summary of how the experience of visiting our Studios has changed, to ensure the safety and security of your team and participants throughout your visit.


  • A maximum of 2 studios can be booked per day so that participants can be seated, if required, in either the seating area or the viewing side of the studio which is not in use.
  • We will engage with you to ensure that a safely structured research session can be organised in advance.


  • We will liaise with you and provide a detailed timing plan from client arrival to the arrival of each participant, cleaning, lunch breaks and end of session closedown.
  • Each plan is customised to your needs.
  • See the below section for an example of the basic structure of our client plan.


  • In line with the plan created with you post-booking, all administration details will be communicated via email with signatures confirming that details are agreed and accepted. These details will include:
    • Signatures
    • Bank details for payment of incentives to participants
    • Researcher and participant arrival and departure times
  • Participants who are unable to agree this will not be selected (unless this is a particular research requirement, in which case we will cover this differently).
  • Your researchers may bring 2-3 staff to larger studios and 1-2 client staff to the smaller studio.
  • The specific number of chairs for each researcher will be provided and named.
  • Participants must arrive at agreed time slots and wait until called. The plan formed with you will allow for each participant to wait 10 minutes in the waiting area to ensure smooth running.
  • Regular updates will be made to participants through email on the day of research in the event of any delays.


  • Your team and your participants are advised in advanced to wait outside building and call the main switchboard number to gain entry, via instructions emailed in advanced and also present in writing on the front door.
  • Our team will then buzz you in, advising arrivals on the use of sanitiser in the reception area and requesting that they progress to the 4th floor without using the lift.
  • On arrival at the 4th floor reception, your team and your participants are either buzzed in or the door is opened by our team.
  • Arrivals are welcomed by the our team at a social distance marked by the line illustrated in point (1) in the below image.
  • Arrivals are shown hand sanitiser points on arrival in the labs.
  • If any further documents require signature, these are emailed to the client or participant for online signature via their own device.
  • Clients & participants are directed to rooms/seating areas as appropriate via marked lines on the floor which also provide guidance on social distancing.
  • Our staff will be wearing masks and providing advice in line with government guidance throughout.
  • All seating (except for our staff desk) will be removed from the reception area and stored in the staff area (2) on the diagram to the left.

Seating areas: 

  • Our staff will be the only ones to have access to the facilities in point (3) of the below image.
  • Only one participant will be seated in this area at one time and there will only be one individual chair which will be cleaned by our staff after each use.
  • Clients will have access to both sides (participant and observation) of the studio they have hired. Participants will only have access to the participant side.


  • Our staff will clean the main entry/exit door and participant reception chair after each participant use.
  • Your team will need to maintain/clean the participant side of the labs including any equipment used (both your own and that supplied by us) after each round of research.
  • Clear instructions for this and our H&S documents will be provided to researchers and participants in advance of the sessions by email, and will form part of their digital sign-off package.
  • Appropriate keyboard covers will be applied to keyboards before your arrival.
  • Professional cleaners will clean all areas at the end of the session when all participants, researchers and our staff have left the building.
  • Clear signage will be used in controlled areas of the office and also in communal bathroom areas.

Drinks & food:

  • We will not provide any food or the facilities to prepare food for clients or participants – instead, please your team will be advised to bring their own.


  • Your team and your participants will be directed to the facilities on the 4th and 3rd floors accordingly where clear signposting will be in place.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly.
  • The entry/exit door will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at our reception desk.

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