Instant Teams

For UX departments, having more work than you’re able to resource is a fact of life – how do you avoid the uncertainty of the contract market, while ensuring your customer isn’t let down?

We found this a common theme in our work with major corporate clients around the world – so we’ve worked with them to develop an effective solution.

We call it Instant Teams.

Here’s how it works – we learn about your business, and you meet our in-house teams. Then, when you have an urgent, unscheduled or unfillable requirement, you let us know. We provide a team of UX experts that you’ve previously met and approved, and who know your business, your culture and your ways of working.

There’s no commitment, no up-front cost, and no retainer – and pricing is pre-approved by you.

Ready to scale

Your Instant Team can range from 2 consultants to 6 or more, depending on your requirements for a project

Access to known, named individuals

We don’t use contractors. You’ll meet our in-house team members before requesting your first Instant Team, so you can feel comfortable you know exactly who’ll be working with you

Proven, reliable model

We deliver Instant Teams on a regular or ongoing basis for a variety of major multinational brands, including social networks and global insurers

Experts with experience

Our highly skilled in-house team members have proven track records of collaborating on projects for a variety of major corporations and multinationals

Aligned with your culture and practices

Before your first Instant Team request, we invest the time to learn your team’s culture, standards, documentation and approach – ensuring seamless engagement between our team and yours. We are also happy to whitelabel

Skills transfer

Upskill your team while ours do the heavy lifting – skills transfer is built into how Instant Teams works

No contracts, no commitment, no retainer

It costs you nothing to create an Instant Teams relationship. After the initial consultation (free of charge), request Instant Teams as much or as little as you require. And you’ll pay pre-agreed rates – there’s no up front cost, no on-going subscription or retainer fee

Quick response

Once you are happy, our team is ready to hit the ground running as soon as you request their support – no additional familiarisation required

Plug-in or standalone

Integrate our team with yours to easily expand your bandwidth. Or, pass your requirements straight to us, and have our team work on a semi -independent basis on your requirements

Who are ExperienceLab?

A London-based UX agency with more than 40 years of experience of complex user and customer experience projects around the world, our Instant Teams offering was originally designed at the request of some of our clients.

We found that large scale corporates with permanent UX teams were often under-resourced and tightly scheduled – meaning unexpected requirements or urgent requests from within the firm for UX work could be difficult to fulfill.

They asked us if we would be able to provide our team to work with theirs, or on their behalf, on a flexible, no-commitment basis – and Instant Teams was born.

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