We help you to understand your customers, improve your products and services and deliver better experiences.

How we do it

We work with your team, colleagues and customers to understand their needs, co-design improvements and deliver measurably better experiences.

User Research

Whether optimising the usability of a website or designing an operational service re-design direct research with users is at the heart of our approach. Our expert team are highly skilled at engaging with all those impacted by a service or product to quickly identify their key needs, emotional drivers and expectations.

UX and Service Design

Using our innovative User Centred Service Design approach we develop services and digital products iteratively with the people who will deliver and use them. Our dynamic build, test, improve cycle drives rapid results that we know meet the needs of the user and the business.

Customer Experience

Creating competitive advantage with a world class customer experience starts by understanding customer needs. We use journey mapping and maturity assessments to benchmark your Customer Experience. We then use design thinking tools like co-design to innovate and create improvements.

Flexible and Agile Delivery

Our agile delivery framework focuses on working with service actors and users to ensure they are emotionally engage with the proposed solutions. Our experience shows that sustainable change is only achieved when it is emotionally owned by those impacted by it. We work with users to engage, educate and inspire them, and to drive and deliver change.

“EL have understood the product space well and have, been able to provide real insight to the team. The Research materials, discussion guide etc. have been prepared to a high quality in short space of time and EL have been pro-active in organising follow up meetings, presentations, video summaries ,all of which have met expectations.”

- Leading Social Media Provider

As a picture paints a thousand words we have developed

a style of insight communication that stands us apart from other agencies.

We provide amazingly innovative and inventive visualisations that allow our clients to share and discuss findings across their organisations. Of course detailed text analysis is provided for those who need it but our instantly accessible creations mean key findings and recommendations are synthesised for productive collaboration.

Partner with us

A flexible resourcing model

that works for you

All organisations suffer from pinch-points in resourcing unanticipated organisational demand or a competitive recruitment market can cause major issues.

In response, we developed our Flexible Resourcing model

Without the need for contracts we will learn about your organisation and ways of working to ensure that when a need arises for additional resource at short notice our team are available and ready to work with you.

We are Global

We are Global

Working globally requires expertise in managing complex projects with varying time zones and communication limitations, an art which we have perfected alongside delivering compelling stories and valuable insights.

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