What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 17th October

What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 17th October

Welcome to our news roundup. Here you will find a selection of current articles that focus on customer experience, user experience, design and more.

Adobe is doubling down on voice interfaces – Fast Company

Voice interfaces are dramatically changing the way consumers engage with their devices and content. The impact may be most evident with less technically-literate users, allowing them to transform a complex task into a ‘friendly’ conversation with a robot. However, as most tools and software are created around the visual experience, designing them remains a challenge. This blog covers how Adobe is rising to that challenge.

How to storyboard experiences – Bryant Hodson via Medium

There are numerous benefits to using storyboards, harnessing the illustrative power of the visual experience over the written experience. This article covers many of those benefits, and goes on to detail how you can begin the storyboarding process to better understand your customers and their experiences.

Accessibility in Government – GOV.UK

The British government have written the following article on designing for accessibility. Detailing a list of the important dos and don’ts, this information will help you make existing and new services better for your users.

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