What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 19th September

What’s Trending in CX/UX – Wednesday 19th September

Welcome to our news roundup which highlights a selection of the best current articles that focus on user/customer experience.

Pleasure, Flow, and Meaning – The 3 Approaches to Designing for Delight – UIE

If we can integrate delight into design a plain experience can become pleasurable. Jared Spool of UIE.com considers Moosejaw as an example and goes on to examine pleasure, flow and meaning – the 3 approaches to designing for delight.

The Ultimate Guide to Proper Use of Animation in UX – SoftServe via Medium

Interface animations have become increasingly common. These days it’s hard to impress, or even surprise, with an interface animation. With user expectations high, a bad animation won’t cut it. This article aims to compile all the rules, principles and practises of animation design in one place (and contains an abundance of excellent animations too).

3 Practical Cheat Sheets for Designing Attention Grabbing UIs – Marvel

The connection between design and technology with practical examples. Read on for techniques that you can apply into your designs and ensure they appeal to your users.

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